I'm Baggio AMOUZOU.
A Web·Designer
based in Montréal.

I’m probably among the most passionate developers you will ever get to work with. If you have a great project that needs some amazing skills, I’m your guy.


Companies I have worked for in the past.


Pure Cobalt, Web Developer

I've been working at Pure Cobalt for almost 8 years now and currently occupying the lead WordPress developer position. I also work on other technology stacks like Drupal and some ReactJS on high level projects.


Kisemba, WordPress developer

I’ve worked with Kisemba on their website design and digital marketing including SEO, Social Media Marketing, Brand authority, Email campaigns and Local SEO.


Konectiz, CEO

I've started a web design agency to build websites, plan and implement digital marketing strategies for our esteemed clients. The main focus is to bring a comprehensive set of features to help our client scale up their activities over time.

Philosophy & values

A few years back I've actually tattooed my arms with 4 quotes that I wanted to live by. I can proudly say that I've never regretted doing so. Over time, I've realized that one of them particularly resonates with me. It says: "Believe and Act as if it were impossible to Fail! Be like Water!". I'll spare you the other three for now 😁. If you wish to know more about me follow the link below.

More about me


With skills in over 4 different aspects of the job, I am sure I would be a great fit for your next endeavour. Whatever your needs are, I can pretty much take on any challenge.

WordPress Administration

I've been managing WordPress sites and communicating with clients to make sure their specific needs are met as soon as possible for more than 8 years now.

Visual Page Builders

I've spent over 4000 hours working with different page builders including Elementor, Beaver Builder, Divi, Visual composer, Cornerstone and more.

Custom WordPress Themes

Building custom themes has always been the core of the project I've worked and I've used different stacks over the course of time like Metabox.io or a mix of Custom fields(ACF PRO) and Beaver Themer or Elementor depending on the clients' needs.

Digital Marketing

One of the recurring requirements for all of the projects I've worked on was to implement digital marketing tactics and technical tools on the sites to help the customer reach their goals.

More about me

If you are curious about who I am, one thing you can do is to checkout my Instagram account. In short, here is what you'll discover: I'm a serious Food Lover, I've danced and taught Kizomba (AKA the African Tango), and I've experimented with different activities ranging from bread and cake baking to mixology. My most memorable adventure was to get a motorcycle and join the Riders family. As you can see, I tend to try a few different things because I believe life is all about experience and continuously learning and improving oneself.

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This is what people say about me

Here are a few lines from people who I have worked with over the past 8+ years in my design career.

‘’I've had the pleasure of working with Baggio for the last six years. His reliable and efficient approach towards web development is a crucial factor for the success of our projects. He is well versed in front-end development, creating robust website solutions with the ability to conceptualize and work through complex business requirements.’’
Jeremy Fama
Co-Founder, WebCakes

My Passion

Here are a few photos of my passions to give you an overview of my dance community and activities. As I said above, I've been dancing Kizomba for over 7 years now and words can't describe all the joy and connection it has brought me. It has literally changed my outlook on life and given me great self-confidence. You may also be able to see photos of my other Mixology, Baking and Motorcycle projects.

Let’s talk business

Now that you know a lot about me, shoot over your questions here so we can work on your business.

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